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Chocolate Brownies With THC

450.00 ฿

Made with High Quality Canna Butter (infused with a mix of top quality locally grown Cannabis and imported Hybrid), with Australian Chocolate and hand mixed and baked in small batches.   Contains 1...

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Buy 3 Giant Cookies, Get 1 Free ( Original Flav...

750.00 ฿

Buy 3 Giant Cookies, Get 1 Free ( Original Flavor )

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THC Lolipop

99.00 ฿

Ball shaped lollipops with cannabis extract, Each piece is 12 g.  THC 12%  

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Party Set【Giant Cookie&MixFlavor&THC】x 10 pcs

2,200.00 ฿ 2,900.00 ฿

Party Box cookies mix flavor (You can choose any flavors in 10 pieces) 60g of cookie contain 90mg of THC Effects: Stone -> Laughing -> Hungry -> Sleepy **WARNING** Take "HALF" at first and...

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Alien Dutchess - Pre-Rolled【Hybrid strain&THC22%】

350.00 ฿

Strain: Alien Dutchess Grade: Top Type: Hybrid [ THC 22% CBD 0% ] Helps: Depression, Pain, Anxiety Description: Known to be a moderate level-THC, hybrid strain of the plant. Known for its europhic ...

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THC Lolipop x 30 PCS

2,500.00 ฿

Lolipop  x THC 12% 

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Joint Set x 5pcs 【Different Flower】

2,100.00 ฿ 2,500.00 ฿

Joint Sets  Stank House 91 Octane King Louis Gas basket Cherry Cola

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Black Berry - Pre-Rolled【Hybrid strain&THC17%】

425.00 ฿

Strain: BlackBerry Grade: Exotic Type: Hybrid Sativa [ THC 17% CBD 0% ] Helps: Stress, Pain, Anxiety The Black berry strain is known to be a strong mix of Indica and Sativa. Taste is sweet, and is ...

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Columbia Gold 【Sativa strain&THC20%】

450.00 ฿

Strain: Columbia Gold Grade: Mid Type: Sativa [ THC 20% CBG 1% ] Helps: Stress, Depression, Anxiety

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Cherry Cola 【Indica & THC 18%】

550.00 ฿

Strain: Cherry Cola Grade: Top grade Type: Indica Help: stress, anxiety and pain Descriptions: The Cherry Cola is an Indica strain. When you smoke you feel hungry, relaxed and feel uplifted. It can...